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Perrybrook, A417

Market: residential

The requirement for this scheme is a result of a planning condition related to the proposed housing development on land at Perrybrook, located a short distance from A417/A46 junction. The A417/A46 highway improvements scheme has been implemented on the A417 eastbound Off-Slip on the approach to the A46 grade separated roundabout.  Due to the increase in traffic associated with the housing development, it was deemed necessary to improve the capacity at the A417/A46 junction by extending the length of carriageway where the three existing lanes enter on to the roundabout. This was because the existing short length of the central lane did not get used at peak times due to queue lengths extending back beyond the beginning of the central lane.

The scheme involved extending the current left turn and central lane to accommodate greater capacity at the approach to the existing roundabout. This was achieved by widening the existing carriageway. Due to the site being located in a Highways England D.B.F.O. (Design Build Facilitate Operate) area, a complete Highway Specification was required in accordance with DMRB for this scheme. The document detailed how the contractors are to construct the works, materials used, tests required to be undertaken on products, site restrictions (e.g. noise and dust levels)and methods allowed during construction (no explosive demolition etc.), as well as hours of work allowable.

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