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Milestone's Travel Plan Capabilities; encouraging sustainable travel choices for the workplace and proposed developments.

July 10, 2019

Travel Plans are an essential tool for improving and increasing sustainable travel in our communities. They focus on reducing the impact of travel on the environment by encouraging us to use greener, cleaner modes of transport - be it for our daily commute to work or school, or for fun-packed leisure activities.

So, what is a Travel Plan?

 A Travel Plan is a long-term strategy designed to increase sustainable travel and reduce the level of single occupancy trips in the car, and the reliance on cars in general.  In order to achieve this, Milestone Transport Planning (MTP) consider all journeys that may be made to and from a location and set about implementing measures designed to maximise and encourage the use of public transport, car-sharing, cycling or the use of our own two feet – better for the environment and better for our health, too!

“Cycling and walking are increasingly being understood not just as modes of transport but as crucial parts of an integrated approach to issues of health, obesity, air quality, and town and city planning”

— Department for Transport

The Daily Commute

 Although it is important for us all to consider the effects our commute has on the environment as individuals, organisations are in an even stronger position to make a difference. MTP work alongside organisations to develop a comprehensive Workplace Travel Plan, producing a package of sustainable, smarter travel choices for their employees.

What are the benefits to implementing Workplace Travel Plan?


Work Place Travel Packs

Reduction in the demand for parking –

Our clients Diageo rationalised their land holdings at their 7HQ offices in Brent, which reduced the space available for employee parking. Diageo came to us to develop a comprehensive package of sustainable travel measures which would encourage employees and visitors to travel by alternative methods other than a private car.  We were able to implement a Travel Plan that effectively managed an array of travel options, as well as redesigning and improving the existing parking layout in order to maximise the availability for employee parking.


Reduction in congestion, and reduction in travel times –

Less solo-commutes into the office = less congestion. Less congestion = less time sat queuing in traffic.  Opting for more sustainable travel options, employees can reduce the amount of downtime spent travelling to and from work.  Journeys will be more predictable, more enjoyable and certainly less stressful. Win-win!


Reduce business expenditure –

Implementing a Travel Plan can assist in reducing the costs to your business.  Not only could money be saved on the cost of providing parking, but there’s the potential to reduce mileage and travel costs for employees too. 

Companies who are eligible for the government’s Cycle to Work scheme could also see a reduction to NICs at 13.8% on any salary sacrificed.


Happier and healthier workforce –

We all know that a healthy and active lifestyle can reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes but studies show that regular exercises helps promote mental wellness too! People who exercise regularly tend to feel more energised throughout the day (no 3pm slumps!), they sleep better and feel positive in general – a happy, healthy workforce is a productive one!


Residential Developments

The Meadows

Travel Plans are becoming a common place necessity for larger residential developments, and property developers are required to produce a Travel Plan to support their planning application if a proposed development will generate significant amounts of movement.

Our Travel Plans are tailored to address all site-specific issues relating to a proposed development. The strategies MTP use to mitigate the negative impacts of a development are considered on an individual basis, and aim to promote the most effective and sustainable methods of travel for the area. Having a comprehensive, sustainable Travel Plan in place will assist in gaining planning approval.

Once a Travel Plan is in force, MTP consider communication with the residents to be vital for the continuing success of the plan. Our bespoke Travel Information Pack Websites provide residents with all the up-to-date travel information for the area, as well as promoting walking and cycling routes. The websites contain plenty of useful links regarding smarter travel, and the development, plus provide a valuable forum for resident’s to provide feedback and complete surveys. Take a look at how we promote our Travel Plans for other developments here 

Need a Travel Plan?  MTP can assist in:


  • Conducting travel and safety surveys
  •  Assessment and design of transport infrastructure, including:

o   Traffic Management

o   Parking

o   Pedestrians and Cyclists

o   Highway Improvements

o   Provision of Transport Infrastructure

  • Liaising with Local Planning and Transport Authorities and other stakeholders
  • Designing and implementing your sustainable Travel Plan
  • Acting as the appointed Travel Plan Co-ordinator
  •  Liaising with residents of the development frequently, through the means of our bespoke Travel Plan websites, social media and printed material
  • Preparing Personal Journey Plans
  • Annual review of the Travel Plan, conducting surveys on local travel and analysing travel habits within the community

Our team at MTP are more than happy to provide you with further information regarding your Travel Plan.  Please contact us today to see how we can assist.